Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Moscow October 12/13th

Meeting travelers and people from Moscow: Nicolai and Lena

Malcom and Jenni are father and daughter, they took today the Orient Express going to China and ending the trip in Australia, where Jenni is gonna live for a year working there (they are both from England)

Testing the russian Vodka...


Nicolai and Lena


Nicolai - my Hostel is a little bit "crazy", and have one of the best bars of Moscow below my bedroom... (wonderful!!)


Alexander, the responsable for the youth in the Fund MS and Tatiana the translator arriving to the Central Hospital of Moscow

Alexander, the president of Fund MS

Natalia, with MS since a long time ago, and is a member of the Fund MS

Daria Vyatkina, that comes from the other extreme of Russia, Chukotka (14 hours flight from Moscow)

all together with the people of the Fund MS: Natalia, Daria, Elena, Alexander and Alexander. Thank you very much for everything!

Red Square in the end of the day...

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