Friday, October 02, 2009

The Healing Trip World Tour Map

The Healing Trip:
Moscow 12/oct/2009
Bangkok 17/oct/2009
Beijing 24/oct/2009
Tokyo 28/oct/2009
Sydney 03/nov/2009
Auckland 07/nov/2009
Nadi FJ 12/nov/2009
LA USA 17/nov/2009
New York 22/nov/2009
Back to Milano 28/nov/09
(Map made by Maria Cecilia Averame... Grazie!)

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Anonymous said...

hi, analia. hope u r doing good.i must say its a great initiative that u have taken up. but a humble reuest from all of us here in INDIA. if u could extend your trip and come down to INDIA to meet us and encourage all MSP'S.
Eagerly waiting for your response.
you can mail me at the following address:

MSSI-Delhi Chapter