Friday, March 20, 2009

Visiting Lawrence of Arabia - Dorset - U.K.

Reading the book "The Seven Pillars of Wisdom", the autobiography of T.E. Lawrence, (better known as Lawrence of Arabia), I fell completly in love with him, I had the wish of visiting his grave, and all the places he used to be around... (link)

arriving to Dorchester


Moreton Cementery

my wish coming true... I wanted so badly to leave a flower on his grave...

St. Nicholas Church, here took place Lawrence's funeral on the afternoon of 21st May 1935

Clouds Hill (Lawrence's cottage), bought as a retreat from his army life he read, wrote and listened to music here, he occupied it between 1923 and 1935.

on the front door is written in greek "why worry" or " does no care", Clouds Hills is near Bovington Camp

Above Bovington Camp, bellow a Memorial Stone and Oak Tree dedicated to Lawrence, close to the site of his motorcycle accident

One of Lawrence last pictures


an effigy of Lawrence of Arabia is in St. Martin Church (was closed that day...)

pic-nic on the river with Jenny


driving through Porteham... the surprise...

...ducks everywhere, even in the middle of the road

they don't care at all about traffic or human beings...

"Ducks Paradise"

Last night before leaving...

Jenni, Andrew, Ollie and Precious - Thank you so much!!!!! :b

Precious waiting to get into the house after a long night living wild

flying back crossing the Alps

Friday, March 06, 2009

Tribù Gravier en Milàn - 04.03.2009

Balthazar, Taina, Tiziano y Benicio (para comèrselos)

Tìa Analia feliz

Valeria, Tiziano, Taina