Saturday, January 30, 2010

In gita a Venezia - 30/01/2010

Went with Roberta Savelli to Venice for a very nice lunch-inauguration of this big vessel

The "big creature" is gonna cruise in the Dubai area

Roberta has 3 big paintings on the prua stairways of the ship, and another ten in different cabins

Monday, January 25, 2010

Thank you Kyoko!!

"I introduced about you to this site.
Then they made an article.
The site saying..."

*MS is incurable disease but possible to be treated in
these 10 years in Japan.
*Interferon is one of the treatment and many people are
well thereby.
*Ms. Analia Pierini did world trip with Betaseron. You may
understand that MSers have big possibility.(>>link to your
*If you are anxious whether you have MS or not, please
have a checkup with neurologist."

(Kyoko Nakata (MS Cabin - Japan)