Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Magic Saint Petersburg - August 2016

Hermitage Museum - Link
Winter Palace

St. George Hall
War Gallery of 1812
Throne room
Dutch Netherlands (Rembrandt room)

... me in line for the toilet.....
Rembrandt -  Return of the Prodigal Son
Leonardo Da Vinci - The Litta Madonna
Tiziano Vecellio - Repetant Mary Magdalene
Raphael Loggia
Peacock clock in Pavillon Hall - Link
Antonio Canova - Cupid and Psyche
Hermitage Cats
Hernri Matisse - Music & Dance
me in the toilet

The new Hermitage

Kunskamera Museum
(Peter the Great Museum of Antropology and Ethnography) - Link

My place
My hotel was located in a historic building - Tim Club mini hotel
Here lived Michail Nikolaevič Tuchačevskij, famous military of WWI

Hanging out with Badum

Pushkin Museum and Memorial Apartment

Link of the museum
His manuscripts
An image of the duel
His studio

Church of Savior on the Spilled Blood
Church link

The sweets owls and me

Found the bank where I work in Milano!! UniCredit Bank!!