Wednesday, February 03, 2016

PAC Exhibition - Ri-Scatti - 16th - 27th January 2016

Once in a lifetime....

18 contestants from 9 different countries, 2 months of a photo journalism course with 3 BIG teachers: Gianmarco Maraviglia, Loris Savino and Amedeo Novelli, ending in a great exhibition at PAC Padiglione d'Arte contemporaneo of Milan.
All organized by Ri-Scatti Association in order to raise money with the sell of the pictures, for the CAF Onlus Foundation

The awards

I won the second prize, and has rewarded me Alessia Glaviano,
Photo Editor of Vogue Italy 

First Price Marvin Nolasco, Filipines - Second Price Me, Argentina, 
Third Price Radua Usama, Egypt

and here below my 9 pics:

Lady with banana in Tram n° 9, almost 3 o'clock pm

Via Farini corner Viale Stelvio
Jap friends having fun outside the Supermarket in Piazza Gae Aulenti

Via Montenapoleone, last day of september women fashion shows

Tango School Tangomorphosi, Via Procaccini

Antichi Vizi Store, Via dell'Orso

Shot from my desk in the office, Piazza Gae Aulenti Tower C

Skyline from a terrace, Largo La Foppa

Graffito of Maradonna (Dios està en todos lados) on traffic lights boxes in Via Farini corner Viale Stelvio
Writer Espi for Energy Box Project

me & me with the hat

Marco Perelli and Valeria Leanza


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I can not believe yet that I had this opportunity, met wonderful people
it is an experience that i will never forget in my life.