Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Guests at home! (for 15 days...)

I'm so pleased to introduce you Leo the Indian Merlo, 5 years old, he is so funny: calls me "MAMMA!!" when he can not see me (with a little boy voice...)
(They belong to Alessandro, Vanessa, Matteo, Dalì and Goghi) (my next door friends)

he imitates as well a moto engine, cough, laugh JA JA JA (very loud), bark like a Yorkshire, and when I mean "very loud", it is because all the neighbourhood can hear him...

and sweet Picasso, Parrot, 5 months old, he is changing his pens, becoming yellow-orange, he loves to dance all the time shaking his little body...

I think I will eat him, I love his smell and love to kiss him!! eh eh eh
(poor Picasso)

We are really having fun!! :o)

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martillo said...

Muy bonito.
Quiero uno.