Monday, July 16, 2007

Costa Smeralda - 9-14.07.2007

8 o'clock in the morning, we just arrived... breakfast on "Believe" with Riccardo and Izia

Margherita and Cristiana (above) - Back of Believe (bellow)

2 hours later, met Marzia and other friends...

one day at Tempio

two days and one night at Gravier's (Porto Rotondo)

Vale & me




All together at the supermarket

On the boat: Stefania, Benedetta, Valeria, Alejandro and kids

Alejandro ready to jump and swim to Tommaso's boat

Tiziano follows his dad swimming

Tiziano, Benicio, Lorenzo and Balthazar (photos by Valeria)

Last day on the beach, Stefania and Tony coming to pick us up in Long Beach

Stefania and Cristiana

Margherita and her butterfly henna tatoo

Sunset at Phi Beach

Grazie Criiiiiiiii!!!! :o)

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